PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras provide multiple control options, such as an IR remote, joystick controllers, and software interfaces. IR remote controls typically offer basic functionality for camera control and present recall

PTZ cameras come with sophisticated intelligent capabilities that enable them to autonomously switch between predetermined positions and adjust the zoom level based on detected events. This feature facilitates effortless integration with existing camera systems, making PTZ cameras exceptionally adaptable and widely utilized in diverse sectors such as transportation, government, and urban surveillance.

PTZ CCTV camera benefits

The benefits of PTZ cameras are plenty. Firstly, they offer a broad field of view, making them ideal for monitoring expansive areas. To ensure comprehensive coverage, combining PTZ cameras with fixed cameras is advisable to eliminate any potential blind spots. PTZ cameras can execute full 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt movements. Some models even feature digital pan and tilt capabilities, allowing for post-recording video adjustments, although this may result in some loss of quality.

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PTZ Camera

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