IP Camera

The best security cameras you can buy for your home or business are IP cameras from CCTV Camera. Available with both controls, wired or wireless. We specialize in professional equipment with high-quality image detectors for elegant color night vision and advanced AI-based motion detection technology to reduce false alarms.

Wired IP security cameras, similar to our PoE cameras, can easily be connected to a network video recorder to create your own PoE camera system. Perfect for use in locations where cabling is difficult, the Standalone Wireless Wi-Fi IP Cameras allow recording to an internal MicroSD card Made from durable Essence or ABS plastic, our cameras are waterproof and allow for hassle-free installation indoors or outdoors.

IP CCTV camera benefits

Elect Pate cameras also feature a distortion-resistant design for easy handling. All of our wired IP cameras and wireless IP security cameras can be accessed wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet using our free mobile app from anywhere in the world where a high-speed internet connection is available. Replace your doorbell cameras with our two-way audio cameras, similar to active deterrence cameras, with 4K HD to 4K videotape quality.

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IP Camera

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